Coming from a very diverse cultural and ethnic background, with part of my family migrating from Poland to South America at the begging of last century, other part migrating from Greece and the rest from the rich diversity typical from my beloved country lost at the end of the world, I was born in Santiago de Chile in the year 1991, but since I was 6 years old I always lived in Iquique, Chile, a town in the middle of Atacama Desert. I belong to that generation in which WWW was invented and the Soviet Union was dissolved. I grew, like every Chilean, surrounded by a tough geography in times of world wide uncertainty, and in times of deep local change: Chile was in the beginning of the transition from Pinochet dictatorship to a democratic regime.

At the age of 18 I moved to Santiago to study Business Administration, after what I completed a Magister in Project Evaluation and Strategic Management.

Nowadays I live in Vienna, Austria, and just like anyone, trying to live life in the most beautiful way possible and finding my role in society.

It is from here that I start this new project, trying to wake up again this, one of my first passions: writing. Feel yourself welcomed.

Contact information:

Pablo Volenski Bustos

0043 676 5403929